Leadership characteristics

Courage–willing to take risks

Vision–know where you’re going

Competence–good at what you do

Humility–give credit to others

Collaboration–work well with others

Integrity–do the right thing

Authenticity–truthful and reliable at all times

Purpose–called for the position

Disciplined–able to stay focused and get things done

Your life is an example

Is the wisdom of obeying God evident to those who observe your life?

God’s spirit is within you, to guide you.

Only God, who sees the future, can accurately lead you to make correct decisions today.

Others may be confused as to how to live in the world, but God will guide you to safely make the correct decisions for your life.

Your life can be the light, shining on the hill, to guide others.

An obedient life

On whose wisdom do you base your life?

Do you rely solely on your own knowledge and understanding?

Allow God to direct your life.

When you do so, others will see true wisdom, not of this world, but of God.

God is not a god of confusion. He will guide you safely to the correct choices for you.

Your family will be blessed.

Your friends will know they have wise counsel in you.

Your obedient life is a testimony to what God can do.

The only race worth running

Proclaim the Gospel message with intensity. Don’t ever quit. Keep it simple.

Keep your eye on what you’re doing.

Accept the hard times along with the good. Praise and thank God in all times.

Keep the Gospel message alive.

Do a thorough job as God’s servant.

This is the only race worth running and a crown awaits the victor.

God’s people should be bighearted and courteous.

Staying on God’s task

IMG_3416Do not be concerned with status and position. Do not lose your focus on what God wants you to do.

You are suppose to be on mission with Jesus to bring salvation to others. Do not become disoriented so that you lack faith to bring physical and spiritual comfort to those God has sent to you. Do not become so preoccupied with your own ambitions and distracted by busyness that you become ineffective in ministering to those whom God sends your way.

Religious activity can be a sin if it keeps us from being of help to those around us.

Your public persona



Do people enjoy being with you? Do they seek you out? Or, ignore you?

Do you talk about yourself? About others? Or, do you listen?

Think how Christ walked and talked with all sorts of people, giving each one his attention. Because He knew them so well, He attracted people wherever He traveled. The famous and the infamous. The rich, the poor. The blind, the sick.

Reach out to those around you with kindness, compassion, understanding. Be willing to pay attention.




A word from your mouth can accomplish great things, or destroy much.

A wrongly placed word can turn harmony to chaos, ruin a reputation, send the world up in smoke.

Curses and blessings come out of the same mouth.

The way you live, not the way you talk, is what counts.

  • Don’t boast
  • Don’t twist words
  • Don’t say mean things

Get along with others, treating one another with dignity and honor.

Radical behavior

SONY DSCOur love and faith should brim over to other Christians. People should recognize our love of God through our love for one another.

Be hospitable to fellow believers.



Forgive the wrongs done by other believers when they wish to make restitution and ask for pardon. Go beyond mere forgiveness and embrace them as friend. We can show the world a different way to live.