Live in each moment

Life can be quite simple if we live in each moment. Not grasping for the next new thing, but rather finding the extraordinary in the here and now.

If you believe in serendipity, you will see more of those moments in your everyday living for it is there where we spend most of our life. Anticipating the next great event causes us to lose track of the beauty of the ordinary moment.

Serenity is found in living each day in peace with those around you, accepting that others see the world differently than you.

True religion

Be plain spoken–yes and no.

It is wrong for you to manipulate your words, making yourself sound more religious.

Respond with prayer when someone wrongs you.

Do not love only the lovable, but also the unlovable.

Don’t make a performance out of doing good, just go DO good works without calling attention to yourself.

Let your light shine

Be so immersed in Jesus that He is evident in your life. In other words, one’s life should be a testimony to Jesus Christ and what He does.

Jesus can take “impossible” and make it go beyond possible. Be open to that happening.

“Don’t worry about anything. I will fill your lamp.”

Entrust the children to the Lord. Pray for them. The Lord only lends us these people for a short time. They are His. What we receive is Christ, Himself.

Showing your faith and love

One’s love and faith for Jesus should brim over to other Christians.

The faith you have will show up in the good things you do.

Do good work so that others can see Christ in you.

Show hospitality to others.

Praise those in whom you see God working.

Share with them what you see as God works in their lives.