Faithful to your calling

IMGP6625Are your friends and family better off for knowing you? Have you added to their life and well-being?

What about your community? Is it a better place because you have lived there? Can you  point to improvements you have fostered?

Does your job add value to the world? What if you stopped doing the work? Would anyone notice?

All of these questions can answer the question about your faithfulness. God has given you a task. He has set you on a path, with people along the way. Look around at what you have accomplished and are doing, and see how well you can answer those questions. If there are some gaps, stop to figure out how to be more faithful to what you have been called to do. There may be changes you must make. Perhaps you need a different perspective. Or even a different job.

Your time here is short. What will be left when you are no longer here?


Would love to hear your thoughts

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